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Brb, dying... Also, the Happiness Meme RETURNS. 
15th-May-2011 11:40 pm
I have the plague.

Okay, not the plague. A sinus infection from the pits of Hades, perhaps. Everything hurts and even though I'm exhausted, I can't sleep because everything hurts and also I can't breathe. I really need to go to work tomorrow, but there is just no way I can chase two year olds in this state. SO. If it weren't obvious by now, I need some happiness.

The Happiness Meme

1. Comment with five happy things.
2. I will reply with five happy things.
3. Post to your journal to spread happiness exponentially.

I'm especially in need of fic and fanvid recs, so if you have any...
16th-May-2011 11:31 am (UTC)
I hope you feel better. I suck major at happy so I will leave the meme for someone else but I do hope you feel better.
17th-May-2011 05:06 pm (UTC)
I wanted to participate but then I realized restored computer means no bookmarks. DD: You know what? I'm going to go find you some happy things. TO THE INTERNETS. Or, you know, tumblr.

My favorite little-known Hyperbole and a Half comic.



Om nom nom chocolate peanut butter-y goodness.

Matt Smith has a funny face, and the Doctor is a dork.

Finally, this is where I wish I could be on a cloudy, dreary day like this.

(Sorry for the lateness and lack of fic/vids, but hope you enjoy anyway! ♥)
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