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the_arc5's journal
neither here nor there
Bidding coming to a close! 
22nd-Jun-2011 11:02 pm
Bidding for help_midwest closes on the 30th, one week away. As a thank you for everyone who has put in a bid for my services, I'm going to do a drabble or five icons for anyone who made a bid but didn't win. Winners, of course, get quite a bit more of whichever expertise they choose, writing, music-picking, or artwork. So if you have a special plot bunny you need to see me write, here's your chance to boss me around. I promise that I will turn out very, very good work for this cause, and I'm grateful for everyone who takes a gander. And if you happen to spread the word, I'd be grateful for that as well.

My thread is here.
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